Bunny Ears Template

This Bunny Ears Template is such fun to make, whether it’s Easter or not! This cute template is supplied in PDF format so all you have to do is print it out on your home printer.

It doesn’t use much ink and is supplied in blue and pink so there’s a color for everyone. You also don’t need a cutting machine, it takes just a few minutes to print, cut it out with scissors and glue together.

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I recommend using card instead of printer paper if you have it. However, plain printer paper works just fine too. Lets get started!

You Will Need:


Step 1: Print Your Bunny Ear Template

First, print the bunny ears on your printer. The design is formatted to fit standard US letter sized printer paper, so it should print without having you having to resize the page.

bunny ear template

Step 2: Cut Out The Bunny Ears And Headband

Next, cut out the bunny ear template using a pair of nice sharp scissors. There are three headband sections. You can use the additonal sections to make the headband the perfect size for your childs head circumference.

bunny ears printable

Step3: Glue The Different Parts Together

Once you have cut out the ears and headband pieces, you will glue them together. The ears have a dotted line towards the bottom of each bunny ear. Use this line to align the top of the headband piece for gluing.

If the headband is not wide enough, use some of the extra headband pieces to get the circumference just right. Trim where necessary. And that’s it! Your bunny ears should look like this…

printable cut out bunny ears

Get Your Bunny Ear Template

This cute Bunny Hat template is available in the shop at this link: https://svghouse.com/product/printable-bunny-ears-template/

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