Cricut Cutie – What is It And Where To Get One

First let me dash your Cricut Cutie hopes and dreams, sorry! Cricut Cutie figurines are not for sale. Buzzkill, I know!

These collectable little figures are highly sought after by crafters like us who love Cricut and our cricut machines.

But what is a Cricut Cutie? And how do you get one? In this post I will answer those questions for you!

cricut cutie

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What Is A Cricut Cutie?

Cricut Cuties are just that…cute three inch tall figurines, they are the mascot for Cricut, (cute cricket). They can only be found in the ocassional Cricut Mystery Box, in some Cricut bundles and when Cricut gives them to you. They come in a variety of colors, which orginally represented the color of the latest Cricut machine.

Can You Buy Cricut Cuties?

Yes you can buy Cricut Cuties, on marketplaces like Ebay and Etsy, but be prepared to pay an arm and leg, because these cute little figurines are considered collectable. I have to admit to buying my Lilac Cricut Cutie on Ebay! And it was pricey!

Otherwise, the only way to get a Cricut Cutie is either the luck of the draw in an ocassional Cricut Mystery Box, or a promotion where Cricut might put one in a vinyl or HTV bundle, or where Cricut actually sends you one. Remember, they are not in all Mystery Boxes.

What Is A Cricut Mystery Box?

The Cricut Mystery Box is a box of awesome mystery Cricut goodies. It is a limited time offer available to customers in the US and Canada. It includes all sorts of fun craft items ranging from Cricut acccessories to vinyl to digital design sets.

The boxes range in value and you pay far less than the contents are worth! If you’re really lucky, you will find a Cricut Cutie inside! You don’t know what’s inside, hence it being called a Mystery Box, but I can almost guarantee there will be something, if not many things, you need for your continued Crafting happiness!

You have to be quick if you want a Mystery Box when they become available, because they often sell out fast. Hopefully these fun Mystery Boxes will be available to Cricut fans in the UK, and other countries someday!

Which Color Cricut Cutie Is Most Rare?

One of the (apparently) rarest Cricut Cutie figures is from the Limited Edition Wisteria Lane bundle, where the Cutie is light metallic purple. Metallic colors are very popular, and hard to come by!

Here is my Lilac Cricut Cutie. Perhaps one day I’ll find her a Limited Edition Metallic Purple Cutie friend!

what is a cricut cutie

Get This Free Cricut Cutie SVG

I love these little figurines so much, I made a free Cricut Cutie SVG for you to download. Simply fill in the short form below to get instant access to this Cricut Cutie SVG.

cricut cutie svg

More Free SVG Designs

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