How To Choose Cricut T-Shirt Designs For Any Occasion

Choosing the right Cricut t-shirt designs for your project is great fun, but can also be daunting, especially if it’s a gift for someone you don’t know very well. If you’re like me, too many options can practically immobilize me!

Making t-shirts for yourself, your friends and family members, or any of the fun holidays that come up during the year, is a whole lot easier, because you know them so well.

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I use a Cricut Maker and I absolutely love it! It is super easy to use with heat transfer vinyl. It also prompts you to mirror your image if you forget to do so, amongst a wide variety of other options for making shirts.

Learn all about the Cricut Maker here

what is a cricut maker

There are lots of different heat transfer vinyl’s to choose from. I really like Cricut’s range of vinyl’s, because they are excellent quality and made specifically for their machines. They also have some of the best durability of all the vinyl I’ve used.

Choosing T-Shirt Designs For Your Cricut Project

T-shirts are one of the easiest things to make on your cutting machine. Personalized, sentimental or funny t-shirts make amazing gifts for friends and family and are also a big hit at the end of the school year for teachers and principals. All the holidays are also great times to make relevant t-shirts.

If you prefer to be organised well in advance, have a look at this 30 SVG Holiday Bundle, you will not be without a design for every major holiday with this bundle!

Ok, lets dive into choosing the right design for your Cricut T shirt project!

Appreciative Mothers Day SVG’s

Choosing a t-shirt design for your Mom or Grandma is a special thing, and you can really tailor your choice to who they are and what they love. Mothers Day is the perfect oppotunity to show your appreciation. 

You can choose funny SVG designs if the recipient loves humor, or golf, or if it’s a milestone gift, like a big birthday or Mother’s day, using a more heartfelt, sentimental design is appropriate.

Teacher and Principal T-shirt Designs

If I’m making Teacher Appreciation Gifts in the form of t-shirts, I make sure the design I choose is appropriate to their subject(if applicable) and the quote or phrase praises their amazing efforts as an educator, while at the same adding some humor.

Principals also deserve acknowledgement and appreciation, so should always be included in those end of school year gifts. If your principal is young and hip, then a lighter design with a bit of humor goes a long way.

If your principal loves Mexican food, then choose a design related to that. If your principal has many years as an educator and school leader under their belt, then choose a design that is appropriate to their age and experience.

Funny Cricut T Shirt Designs For Friends

I love matching funny quotes to my friends. Getting a t-shirt design for a friend right is much easier, especially close friends that might as well be family.

You know what makes them tick, what they like, what they dislike, what their favorite food is and what type of humor makes them laugh out loud. I know from experience, and I’m sure you do too, that for close friends, I see a t-shirt svg and immediately know who I would make it for.

Cricut T-Shirt Designs For Little Boys And Girls

Designs for little kids are among the most fun to make, and you can literally find any excuse to make them a unique and fun new shirt. Saturday morning Baseball, Football on Sunday or a friends birthday party, there are counteless opportunities for SVG’s for kids.

From tractors and superheros to mermaids and unicorns, the first day of school, the last day of school, and of course birthdays. Using funny phrases relevant to their age is also very popular.

Choosing SVG’s For Dads And Grandpa’s

This is also another easier choice, because you know your husband, Dad or Grandpa. If your husband is a soldier or your Grandpa is a veteran, pick a related design that praises them for their service.

If your hubby loves Top Gun, or is an avid golfer, then related t-shirt designs will make them very happy.

There is nothing better (in my opinion), than receiving a unique, thoughtful gift which really relates to who you are, what makes you laugh and the things you love.

These gifts are treasured and remembered, and in the case of t-shirts, worn proudly by the recipient. Happy t-shirt making!

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