Learn To Make A DIY Starbucks Cup
As a family, we all love a good cup of coffee, but some members of our family are completely obsessed with Starbucks Coffee! So, what could be more fun than a re-usable Starbucks Cup?

Well, I’ll tell you…a customized Starbucks cup! We are always popping into our local Starbucks and I have to say, thank goodness it’s NOT walking distance from our house, otherwise we might set up camp in there!

My daughter loves having me make her a Starbucks custom tumbler template, and believe me, we have made many to suit the holidays, moods and so much more!

diy starbucks cup svg free

The free Starbucks cup SVG designs I created for this project are three fun sayings, “Caffeine Queen”, “Super Strong” and “Liquid Patience”, all laid out in a double circle (or slightly oval, depending on your Starbucks cup) to frame the Starbucks logo on your chosen cup. Let’s get started!

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You Will Need:


Measure Your Starbucks Cup SVG Logo

The first step is to measure your cup logo to see whether it is round or oval. Yes, weird I know, but some Starbucks cup logo’s are a perfect circle and some are oval.

Measure the width and height and if the numbers differ, then you will use the oval logo’s in the zipped folder containing your free files.

If the width and height are the same, then you will use the circle (round) logo’s inside the zipped folder. These are labelled accordingly so you can’t go wrong.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am using the 16oz re-usable cup for this project and the logo is a perfect circle, so I will use the round logo.

However, logo’s may differ in different countries, so please measure your cup logo first, to see if it is round or oval, and then check that the Starbucks logo measures to fit inside the relevant design. If the included logo’s fit then you are good to go.

If they are different sizes, when you upload the SVG design of your choice to Design Space, select the design you want to use and then adjust the size using the Size panel in the top menu. (You will need to un-group the designs and then either hide or delete the ones you don’t want to use.) It will look like this:

diy starbucks cup cricut

Prepare Your Decal

Once you have completed the above step, put your vinyl on the mat and send it to cut. Once you’ve cut your chosen design, remove the mat from your Cricut, carefully peel the backed vinyl off the mat and weed out the excess vinyl pieces. It should look like this:

diy starbucks cup cricut

Apply The Transfer Tape

Now, in order to stick the different pieces of the Starbucks SVG vinyl to the Starbucks cup in perfect order and alignment, we need to apply a layer of transfer tape to the top of the decal. (If you haven’t done this before, please read this post, How To Apply Vinyl Decals With Transfer Tape.)

I use clear transfer tape and I prefer to lay the decal face down onto the sticky side of the transfer tape. This ensures I don’t get any creases in the tape from putting the tape on top of the decal. Here is how I do it:

personalized starbucks cup
starbucks cup svg

Removing The Starbucks Cup Decal From The Backing Paper

Once you have applied your transfer tape, we need to make sure the tape is firmly adhered to the top of your decal.

Take your spatula and give the decal a very good going over, applying firm, even pressure as you rub over the entire decal. Make sure to apply extra pressure to small pieces like the little piece inside of the A.

starbucks cup svg free

Next, carefully peel away the transfer tape from the white backing paper. Your decal should come away from the white backing paper with ease.

If a part of it sticks to the backing paper, press the transfer tape flat against the backing paper and rub firmly over the area that was sticking to the backing paper. Now peel the transfer tape away.

diy starbucks cup svg free

Apply The Decal To The Starbucks Cup

You are almost done! Now we are going to apply the decal to the cup. This can be tricky especially of the cup is not secured. I use two super old orange workout weights, which I place on either side of the cup to keep the cup secure and stable.

You can use books or pieces of wood, anything that has some weight and keeps the cup from rolling around.

Once the cup is secured, and you are holding the decal taught, align the top and bottom of the Starbucks logo on the cup, with the inner circle of the decal. Make sure the text is centered to the logo on the cup.

diy starbucks cup svg free
diy starbucks cup

Then, starting from the middle of the decal, start to smooth and press it firmly on to the cup. Use your spatula too.

diy starbucks cup

Give it a good rub over so that when you remove the transfer tape, the decal doesn’t lift off the cup surface.

Remove The Transfer Tape

Yay, this is the last step to using your awesome, personalized Starbucks tumbler template! Once you have firmly applied the decal and transfer tape, you will now remove the tape.

The best way I have found is to pull the tape back on itself at a 180 degree angle from the corner. Do it slowly so the decal doesn’t come away too.

diy starbucks cup

Voila! You have an amazing DIY customized Starbucks cup that everyone will love!

diy starbucks cup svg free

To make your decal last, make sure to only gently hand wash your cup, this will make it last much longer. If you are making this for a gift, you can include this Tumbler Care Instruction Card, so your gift recipient knows exactly how to take care of their customized starbucks cup.

Get your FREE DIY Starbucks Cup Cut Files!

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