Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Card Using Your Cricut Or Silhouette

This tutorial is for a sparkly Teacher Appreciation card, but this design can also be made into a T-shirt or Tote or Tumbler gift for that special Teacher.

It’s an easy weed design and you can use any number of different vinyl or HTV. For this tutorial I’m using a beautiful, sparkly Purple Glitter Vinyl applied to card. Lets get to work…

Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Card Using Your Cricut

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You Will Need:

1. Decal vinyl (I used a fun purple glitter for this project)
2. Cardstock (12 x 12, A4 or Letter sized card or a card blank if you have one)
3. Transfer tape (aka application tape)
4. Your cutting machine!
5. Teacher Appreciation SVG

Cut The Teacher Apreciation SVG

First, upload your chosen design to your software. For this project I am using my Teacher? I Prefer Educational Rockstar SVG design.

I used the SVG file in Cricut Design Space.

Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Card Using Your Cricut

If you’re using Silhouette Studio, this Teacher Appreciation SVG design includes a DXF file for use in Silhouette Studio Basic Edition. See below example of the DXF in Silhouette Studio basic Edition.

silhouette design space use the dxf

Weed The Design

Once you’ve cut the design, weed out the excess vinyl and then trim the backing paper to the edges of the design. I find this makes it easier to get proper placement on the card. You can also mark a cross on the card in pencil, so you get it centred properly first time. Just rub the pencil lines out once done.

Easy Teacher Appreciation Card

Apply The Transfer Tape

Once you’ve weeded all the excess vinyl, roll out a section of your transfer tape so the sticky side is facing up and apply the decal to the transfer.

DIY Teacher Appreciation

I always have the transfer tape sticky side up and apply the decal face down, as opposed to putting the transfer tape on top of the upward facing decal to prevent creases in the transfer tape. (If you haven’t ever used Transfer Tape, read my tutorial on How To Apply Vinyl Decals Using Transfer Tape.)

Then rub throughly with a squeegee or scraper to make sure the transfer tape is stuck properly to the vinyl.

Teacher Appreciation Card

Preparing The Card

Make sure that your card is clean of any dust or debris or bits of craft garbage 😉 I know my craft table gets pretty covered when we’re crafting like crazy.

The last thing you want is a tiny piece of felt or paper offcut stuck under the vinyl of your new creation! Once your card is prepped and in place on your work surface, we need to apply the decal.

Remove The Backing Paper

First, remove the backing paper from the vinyl. I like to put the decal face down and then peel the backing paper away from the vinyl and transfer tape slowly and carefully. I do this at a 180 degree angle to get the best disconnect of vinyl from the backing paper.

This works especially well if your cut was a fraction too deep and the backing paper is staying stuck to the vinyl!

Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Card Using Your Cricut

Applying The Decal To The Card

Make sure you align the design to the card before putting the decal onto the card. You can use pencil lines as mentioned above. Once you’re happy and have centred alignment of the cut design to the card, place the transfer taped decal onto the card.

Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Card Using Your Cricut

Then take your squeegee/scraper, and rub all the areas of vinyl thoroughly. Be careful not to rub the transfer tape too hard directly onto the card surface. This will avoid the top layer of card lifting when removing the transfer tape.

Once you’ve given it a good going over, take any corner and carefully start to peel the transfer tape back on itself at a 180 degree angle until you have completely removed it.

Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Card Using Your Cricut

Yay! You’re done! Great work! Teachers choose the momentous task of educating our kids, opening their minds to the wonders of learning and achieving and they also double up as babysitters for our kids, for a large part of every day and every year.

For that alone they deserve a Medal Of Honor…or at the very least a unique, handmade Teacher Appreciation Card!

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