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I love making and using stencils and this free stencil svg is perfect for a number of craft projects.

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First, lets talk about materials for making stencils from. My preferred stencil medium is Mylar, 7.5mil to be precise. I use Mylar because it is flexible, washable and re-usable and has a different consistency, if you like, to pvc or other plastic films. So it doesn’t tear or crack if you are cutting a design that has sharp points or corners.

I use a Cricut Maker which can cut Mylar, so this is a bonus. My little Silhouette Portrait, which was my first cutting machine, cannot cut Mylar even with the deep cut blade, so when I discovered my Maker could, I was over the moon.

stencil svg

But, don’t despair, you do not need to use Mylar to cut stencils. You can use card, stencil vinyl, plastic folder covers and even old cutting mat clear plastic covers.

Tips For Using Your Stencil SVG

Prevent Paint Bleed

If you haven’t dipped your toe in the stencil pond yet (and I highly recommend you do, because it is such fun), it is important to know that paint may bleed around the edges of your stencil if you don’t adhere it firmly and evenly to the surface you are stenciling.

To prevent this happening, and to make sure my stencil is aligned nicely on the surface I am stencilling, I use a removable, repositionable spray adhesive to keep the stencil in place.

Build Your Paint Layers

Then, make sure you apply your paint thinly and build the layers, instead of painting or brushing on thick globs of paint which will potentially make the paint bleed and also dry unevenly.

Remove Your Stencil Immediately

When you are finished your final layer of paint, remove your stencil straight away. If you leave the stencil in place and let the paint dry, you risk the paint lifting and/or cracking because some of it may be stuck to the stencil edges.

It’s best to remove the stencil the minute you are finished painting, and this also allows you to carefully wipe away any paint bleeds while the paint is still wet and easy to remove.

Download Your FREE Stencil SVG

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