This free GRL PWR SVG design is a great way to demonstrate your own girl power! Show the world your worth with this punchy visual that draws on your own inner strength – you’re capable of anything, so lean into it wholeheartedly!

grl pwr svg

This design is easy to use and can be utilised for a whole bunch of things, so go crazy with it! Before you get downloading and creating, here’s a reminder of all that Girl Power is about.

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What is Girl Power?

So, what is girl power? Well, it’s slightly different for everyone. The slogan was coined in 1991 by the US punk band Bikini Kill before being popularised by the Spice Girls in the mid-90s, and overall, it is intended to encourage women’s empowerment.

In the 90s it was a means by which young women could engage with feminism through the lens of popular culture, sharing their experiences and standing up for one another.

Even now, decades later, we still need to recognise that different women have different experiences in life and there are different forces working against them, so we have to look out for each other and raise one another up in the face of adversity. That’s true girl power. 

Harness Your Own Girl Power

Of course, you can harness your own girl power in many ways – maybe your favourite colour is pink, even though growing up it was considered cringey because it was too girly; maybe you’ve put in the work to perform at the very top of your game in a sport you’re dedicated to, despite the odds!

Maybe you’ve poured your heart and soul into studying to achieve your academic dreams; maybe you’re a parent working overtime for your family. These all make you powerful in your own way, and you should be proud! 

What Files Are Included?

There are three cut files included so you can get the most of the design! The three file types provided are an SVG, a DXF, and a PNG. (Use the DXF for Silhouette Studio Basic Edition)

For those of you still familiarising yourself with the joys of printing and cutting with your Cricut or Silhouette, here’s a quick explanation: an SVG file (Scalable Vector Graphics file) is used to render two-dimensional images. An SVG is a layered file and is the number one used file for Cricut and Silhouette because you can rearrange, delete and recolor layers to your desire.

A DXF (Drawing Interchange Format) is a binary or ASCII representation of a drawing file. Basically it is an outline of the design. I include this file for use with Silhouette Studio Basic Edition becuase Basic Edition does not accept SVG’s.

PNGs (Portable Network Graphics) are a favourite among internet users everywhere, not just crafters of any kind, and are ideal for making stickers, iron on transfer, sublimation and print and cut. PNG’s have a transparent background and are flat images, they do not have layers like SVG designs do.

You don’t necessarily need to know this information like the back of your hand as long as you know which format works best with your machine, but it can be an interesting titbit and a useful starting point! 

Download Your Free GRL PWR SVG

This free GRL PWR SVG is available for instant download from the Freebies category. Please remember all my Free designs are for personal use only.

What Can I Make With These Files? 

There are a wide variety of products you could make with these files – how about showing off your girl power with pride on a t-shirt? Maybe you’d prefer to carry it with you emblazoned on a tote bag!

You could also put the design on a pencil case or makeup bag, proving you can have girl power no matter what your interests! Other options include stencils, stickers, hats, cups – anything you can think of! Happy Crafting!

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