Today I am going to show you how to ungroup in Cricut Design Space using an SVG file . The wonderful about SVG files is they are layered, so you can get very creative with them. You can change colors, fonts, patterns and design element sizes.

Sometimes you will be using an SVG that is already ungrouped, but for the most part, designs are usually grouped together for neatness and ease of use. I use a PC, so the three options I am going to talk about are relevant to a PC and may differ slightly on a Mac.

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Choose An SVG Design To Ungroup

First things first, make sure you are using an SVG and not a PNG or JPG file. Individual image files like PNG’s and JPG’s are flat and they have no layers.

An SVG is made up of different layers, which means the design elements (objects, shapes and text) can therefore be ungrouped, rearranged and resized without losing quality or definition. Cricut Design Space is very clever and will automatically group the different colors of a design together when you click the green “Make It” button.

For this tutorial, I am using a cute kids design from my Halloween collection, which is very popular with boys: Frankenstein Face SVG, as shown below. This design has quite a lot of layers, so it’s a good example.

how to ungroup in cricut design space

Sending Your Design Straight To Cut

If you are happy with your design as is, there is no need to group or ungroup different color layers for cutting different color vinyl, and this is because Cricut Design Space does this for you, as I mentioned above.

Design Space will detect all the different colors of your design and automatically group them by color on the same mat, ready for cutting. This is one of the ways Cricut stands out from other craft cutting software, and it makes the whole process very easy.

So, if you were using the above design, you would simply upload the SVG file into Design Space and then click the green Make It button in the top right of your screen. The different colors of the SVG design would automatically be grouped onto different mats. Here’s what it looks like:

how to ungroup an imported svg in cricut design space

Ungrouping Layers In Design Space In Two Clicks

If you want to change colors or rearrange text or objects in a design, you simply right click on the design and then click ungroup from the drop down menu that appears.

Ungrouping Layers In Design Space

This will ungroup certain layers in this particular design. Some designs will have groups within groups, as does the Frankenstein Face SVG I am using in this example. If you want to further ungroup another grouped layer, the eyes for example, right click on the eye and select ungroup again.

In the below example, I have ungrouped and moved the layers around, so you can see them as ungrouped layers.

ungrouped layers in cricut design space

Use The Ungroup Button

An alternative option for ungrouping is to use the UnGroup button at the top of the right hand menu. As with right-click ungrouping, you must click on the design first and then click the UnGroup at the top of the menu.

If there are groups within groups, simply click the group you want to separate and click the UnGroup button. Here is an example:

ungroup in design space using the UnGroup button

And there you have it, ungrouping layers is a simple, easy way to get creative with your cutting project, or put your own spin on a pre made design. Happy Ungrouping!

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