Moose SVG – Fun Free Moose Pun SVG Cut File – Includes DXF And PNG

This fun Moose SVG is sure to be a hit whatever you make with it. And who doesn’t love a Moose?

I absolutely love these majestic animals and as I’m sure you know, there are lots of funny Moose puns to go around.

Free Moose SVG

This freebie is a Moose pun favorite, and has a positive spin to it too. Because we absolutely have to make the “moose” of life, every day!

You can use this design for t-shirts, mugs, totes and even a decal for your car or coffee tumbler.

Moose Facts

Did you know that Moose can sleep standing up? And the biggest Moose in recorded history was from the Yukon Territory and weighed a staggering 1800 pounds! 

Moose are called Elk in Europe and the plural of Moose is…you guessed it, Moose!

Lastly, the biggest Moose (not Mooses) are the Alaska-Yukon Moose and are found in the state of Alaska and the Yukon Territory, but that’s enough moose-ing around with Moose facts 🙂

Download Your Moose SVG

To access your free Moose SVG, simply fill in the form below to get instant access to this design. It is supplied in SVG, DXF and PNG formats. (Please remember it is for personal use only.)

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Moose SVG

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