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My Munbyn Thermal Label Printer Review

My husband has used the Munbyn shipping label printer for a few years now, and swears by it, so when I opened two new online shops a few months ago, and the orders started to pick up, I knew I had to think about getting one.

Hand writing address labels or printing them on my inkjet printer and cutting them down was no longer an efficient strategy.

On Sunday evening I told my husband this was the week I was going to look into a label printer for shipping. He of course, told me to go straight to Munbyn. I had a look at what they offered and loved the fact they have different color options, which really makes it fun and you can colour code it to your craft room or work space. I told my husband I was going to get a pink one!

You cannot imagine my surprise when I received an email from Munbyn the following morning asking if I would like to review their printer. (Manifesting on a Quantum level!)

I jumped at the opportunity and although there were no pink ones available, Munbyn very kindly sent me their pastel green version which I absolutely love. So here is my honest review and opinions on this fantastic little label printer for shipping.


What’s In The Box?

  • The printer
  • A USB cable for connecting to your computer
  • The power cable
  • USB stick containing the printer driver
  • The user manual
  • Shipping labels to get you started

Connecting To Your Computer And Powering Up

This was quite simple and all that this requires is plugging the USB cable into an available USB port on your desktop computer or laptop and the other end into the Munbyn printer. The power port for your power cable is right next to the USB cable port on the printer as shown below, and keeps the cables neat and tidy.


Driver installation

Munbyn provided a USB stick (called a card in the documentation) in the box which has the printer driver on it. Simply insert the stick into a USB port and open to view the files. Make sure the printer is connected to your computer and turned on. The on/off button is on the left hand side at the back of the printer as shown in the picture above.

I use a PC, so my set up experience is based on installation on a PC. Munbyn includes detailed instructions, with step by step pictures, for both PC and Mac in their user guide and downloadable FAQ pdf. You literally cannot go wrong if you follow the step by step instructions in the user guide.

Once you have installed the driver, make sure to follow the instructions for setting the label size for this printer. This is clearly detailed in the user guide and means you won’t have to set the size every time you choose the Munbyn to print.

What Thermal Labels Should You Use

Munbyn include a starter pack of thermal printer labels which is great, so you can get printing and shipping straight away, while you wait for your order of labels to arrive. The maximum label size is 4 x 6inches and you can buy these in stacks and rolls directly from Munbyn or from both Amazon and Ebay. You can also get smaller sized labels for packing or general labelling too, more about that below.

These labels have a perforated line on the backing paper in between each label for ease of tearing. Munbyn is one step ahead and there is a convenient serrated strip above the label feeder on the Munbyn, which is sharp and efficient for neatly tearing off your label after printing.

All that is required is a quick upward motion from one side to the other and your label is ready to stick on your parcel.

Opening The Printer To Feed In The Labels

I initially thought the printer opened from front to back for you to feed in the labels…well no! It opens from right to left on the push of the button on the top right of the printer. It looks like a small drawbridge when opened.


Feeding the labels in is easy, and you should feed them in until the first label is positioned to align with the top of the front roller. See below picture.


Make sure you place the labels on a flat surface behind the printer. My labels were sitting unevenly at my first go trying to feed the labels in and this caused the front edge of the first label to sit at an angle on the front roller and the machine couldn’t catch it to feed through.

Once the labels are in place, simply close the top and the printer will feed the first label through. You won’t be able to print on this, so tear it off and you are ready to print your first shipping label. Printing through Ebay and Etsy couldn’t be simpler, make sure to choose your label size within the Etsy and Ebay shipping label section for a seamless print.

Other Types Of Labels

You are not limited to just 4 x 6 shipping labels when using the Munbyn. You can actually print pretty much any text as long as it fits within the 4 x 6 size of that particular label size. This means you can print labels quickly and very cost effectively for files, filing cabinets, storage boxes product labels and more.

As mentioned before, you can also get different sized thermal printer labels for these types of prints, in different colors too. For example 1.25″ x 2.25″ labels, also made by Munbyn. The printer also automatically detects label size.

Do I Need Ink or Toner?

The beauty of this label printer is that it is thermal, which means it uses heat to transfer the print to the label, not ink or toner. So you never have to worry about buying in ink cartridges again!

The added bonus of being a thermal printer is the print dries very fast, which vastly reduces the chances of your print smudging or running. You can easily print up to 700 labels in one session. Then let your Munbyn have a rest!

Print Quality and Speed

The Munbyn prints fast and efficiently at 300 DPi which is really impressive. I have had only great prints so far. This compact efficient little printer can fly through your print requirements at 150mm/s…the equivalent of 6 inches per second.


So, would I recommend this printer? Based on watching how it streamlined my husbands shipping over the past 2 years, yes, absolutely! It is compact, fast, efficient and prints in high quality. It will streamline your shipping, save you time and increase productivity as a result.

As a crafter and small business owner, it’s compact size, speed of printing and having different colors to choose from too, makes it the top choice of shipping label printer for me.

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