DIY Paper Sunflower SVG With Free Cut Files

Use This Free Sunflower SVG And Tutorial To Make A Beautiful Paper Sunflower.

This Cricut Sunflower tutorial will show you how to make a stunning paper Sunflower with a few readily available craft supplies.

I have included a free Sunflower SVG, DXF and PDF (which you can access by filling in the form at the bottom of the page) for this tutorial, so you can craft up a storm of Sunflowers!

sunflower svg

These gorgeous paper Sunflowers will brighten up any party or Spring gathering, and also make striking gifts. They absolutely embody sunshine and summer, it’s no wonder we all love them! Also check out my rolling flower template tutorial.

Follow along with this easy tutorial using the free Sunflower SVG and cut files, and you’ll have crafted lovely Paper Sunflowers in no time at all!

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sunflower svg


My free Sunflower SVG is available in my craft library. (Please remember these files are for personal use only.)

You get 3 files, an SVG file which you can use with Cricut or Silhouette machines, a DXF file which you can use in Silhouette Studio Basic Edition, and a PDF file if you are cutting by hand.

Please fill in the short form at the end of this tutorial to get your free Sunflower SVG.


There are two petal sizes and three centers in this design. To start, upload the SVG to your cutting machine, and cut the various parts using your colored card and glitter felt of choice.

The plain circle should be cut out of the Black Glitter Felt. The decorative circle centers should be cut out of the black card. It will look like this in Cricut Design Space…

sunflower svg


If you are cutting by hand, you will use the PDF file in your printer. Print onto white card and cut the the two petals out with your scissors.

Use the plain circle as the template for the glitter felt center, and cut out the two decorative circles from your printed sheet.

You will need to use a Hobby Knife for the inside cuts of the decorative circles, as these are intricate and cannot be cut with scissors successfully.


First place the petal layer with the longer petals on your mat, then cut small pieces of the double sided foam tape and stick them to the center of the petal layer.

I’ve used double sided foam tape to give the flower a slightly three dimensional effect. It will look like this…

sunflower svg

Peel off the protective top layer of the double sided tape and, carefully aligning the centers, press the second petal layer onto the top of the double sided tape.

diy paper sunflower svg


We’re almost there! Using the glue gun, take the black glitter center circle and glue it to the center of the petals. The felt does not adhere well to the double sided foam, the glue gun is much more effective.

sunflower svg

You can then glue one of the decorative center circles to the glitter center. Use the glue gun for this step too. It will look like this…

sunflower free svg


The final finishing touch to this Sunflower is curling the petals. Any round pen or pencil will work, just make sure to use one that has a round body. (If it has ridges, like some HB pencils, this will make ridges on the card)

Take your pen or pencil and, starting at the base of the petal, carefully roll the petal along the shaft of the pen, in between your finger and the pen. As you get towards the end of the petal, angle your wrist up to give a nice curl to the petal. Like you’re scooping ice cream out of the tub!

The tighter you roll, and the more you flick your wrist, the more the petal will curl. Start by gently rolling between pen and finger until you get your desired effect. 

sunflower svg paper

And that’s a wrap! You should have a beautiful, handmade Sunflower with a glittering center, that will wow your friends on a spring or summer day!

cricut sunflower svg


Click here to access the FREE Sunflowers in my Craft Library

I would love to see your Sunflowers, should you go ahead and make them! Please share your pictures on my Facebook Page, on Instagram (tag me with #svghouse) or email it to me at [email protected]

Thank you so much for reading. Happy Crafting!

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