3D Paper Heart Template – Free Printable & Cut Files

Learn How To Make A Beautiful 3D Paper Heart Decoration With This Free 3D Paper Heart Template.

This 3D Paper Heart Template (which you can access free using the form at the bottom of the page) is perfect for Valentine’s Day, which is particularly special day to me because it is the day my husband and I tied the knot!

It’s also a wonderful day for everyone, friends and family too, to celebrate their loved ones.

The 3D Paper Hearts we are making in this tutorial are so versatile and make pretty and striking decorations for all sorts of settings. From eye catching cupcake toppers to gorgeous hanging decorations and beautiful table decorations!

free heart cupcake topper template

And, of course, these 3D Paper Hearts can be used for so many different occasions, not just for Valentine’s Day.

You can make them for anniversaries and birthdays or even as a fun craft project with the kids on a rainy weekend. Add some glitter and they will look truly magical!

I’ve created an easy step by step photo tutorial to guide you through the creative process. Let’s get started!

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You will need:


You can get my free 3D paper heart template from my craft library. Please remember this template is for personal use only.

There are 3 files included, a PDF for cutting the design by hand, an SVG file which you can use with a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine and a DXF file which you can use in Silhouette Studio Basic Edition.

To get the design, simply fill in the short form at the end of the tutorial.


If you’re cutting by hand, you will first print the design (using the PDF file) using your printer, onto your choice of card. Make sure you check “Fit To Page” before printing. Have your scissors at the ready. Your printed design will look like this:

3d paper heart template free

If you’re using the SVG File in Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio, it will look something like this once you have uploaded it (this is Design Space):

3d paper heart template

For Silhouette Studio Basic Edition, use the DXF file, it will look like the below picture (remember to group the hearts and change the cut lines to red before cutting)

3d paper heart template free

The design is ready to cut straight away. You can also resize the hearts to suit your particular project. For the heart cupcake topper, I reduced the size and used a toothpick in the center instead of ribbon.


If you’re cutting by hand simply start with your scissors until all 9 heart pairs are cut out.

3d paper heart template free

For Cricut and Silhouette, place your card onto the mat, load it into the machine and start the cut. Once cut, weed the excess paper and remove the hearts from the mat.

3d paper heart template free


Now it’s time to glue the heart pairs together. The folded spine of each heart pair will make up the center spine of the decoration.

Take two hearts pairs, and making sure the cut lines are facing inwards so they aren’t visible, glue one side of the heart to the other heart petal. It will look like this:

free 3d paper heart template

Repeat this until you have the last two heart petals to go. If you are using different card colors, you can glue them in various different color combinations.

A quick side note: Glue gun and Glue stick: I use the glue stick to glue the heart petals together and I use the glue gun to stick the ribbon/toothpick to the center spine of the decoration. 

For this tutorial, I am doing a gradient of three red hearts, then three pink hearts and then three pale pink hearts. 

Before you glue the final two heart petals together, you need to glue the toothpick or the ribbon in the center of the spine. It will look like this:

free 3d paper heart template

Once you have added either the ribbon or toothpick, glue the last two heart petals together, making sure the ribbon or toothpick is firmly glued together in the center.

free 3d paper heart template

And there you have it! A beautiful 3D Valentines Heart decoration, all ready for this special day!

free 3d paper heart template


Click here to access the Craft Library and get your FREE Files

If you go ahead and make these pretty 3D Hearts, I would love to see your creations! Please share your pictures on my Facebook Page, on Instagram (tag me with #svghouse) or email it to me at [email protected]

Thanks so much for reading. Happy Crafting!

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