The Amazing Cricut Tool Organizer

The Cricut Tool Organizer is a must-have for any Cricut crafter and I absolutely love mine. It will hold all of your many blades, housings and tips in one place so you never have to scour your craft room or office looking for them again.

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It also provides well thought out organizational design with two specific compartments. The Cricut Tool Holder is the answer to all of your tool storage woes. It is to mine 🙂

cricut tool organizer

With this handy organizer, you can keep your Cricut tool housings, blades and QuickSwap tips organized and readily available. The bottom compartment holds up to 9 Quickswap tips, while the upper compartment has custom slots for 10 blades/ tool housings!

It’s perfect if you work at a small desk or have limited storage space. It measures a compact 4.06″ x 4.17″ x 4.33″ (10.31cm x 10.59cm x 11cm) and it even reduces wear and tear on delicate blades, because they won’t be rolling around in an open drawer anymore.

It also prevents them getting lost down the rabbit hole that is a messy craft drawer!(Yes, my craft drawers are fully loaded and I have found things in there that I thought were lost years ago!)

What’s In The Cricut Machine Tool Organizer Box?

The packaging is a sturdy box from which the tool organizer slides right out of with ease.

cricut tool organizer

When you open up the Cricut tool organizer you will see the two compartments, defined by the clear and white plastic!

cricut machine tool organizer

This tool organizer has a hinged, flip open lid design with a clear plastic top over a white base. This makes seeing everything inside easy as pie! To access the tips in the bottom, simply disconnect the clear plastic top with a quick twist.

cricut maker tools

Cricut Tool Organizer Compartments

When you open the lid you see the upper compartment first. This has three cut outs into which you put your blades and housings.

The cut outs are basically slots and you simply drop your cricut tools into one of these slots. The Cricut Maker geared blades also fit into these openings.

cricut explore tool organizer

The blades and housings can easily be moved sideways to acommodate more, up to a maximum of 10 in the three slots. I really like the fact that you can slide the tools from side to side. This makes it easier (in my opinion) to identify which housing contains which blade, as opposed to having to take each one to identify.

This, of course, doesn’t apply if you have your full quota of 10 tools in the top compartment…then you will have to take them out to identify what is in each housing. The only blade that doesn’t completely fit is the Knife Blade, you will have to remove the safety cap in order for it to fit.

In the bottom compartment, you can add up to 9 tips and this includes the tips that have caps, which fit snugly with no problem.

cricut tools in organizer

In Conclusion

This is an essentail Cricut storage item for me and can easily be stored in a drawer, craft cupboard or next to your machine for quick access to the tools you need. I would highly recommend it to streamline your Cricut tool storage and ease of access.


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