Hair Bow SVG Tutorial Includes 2 Free Designs with SVG And Cut Files

Two Free Bow SVG Designs

There’s nothing more fun than using a Bow SVG to make cute hair bows for your friends, family and kids. Especially when the Bow SVG Template is free!

And that’s what I have for you today, TWO free Bow templates and a fun tutorial and video to follow along with.

This tutorial is easy to follow and is broken down into a simple step by step guide, with detailed pictures for each step.

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Making Hair Bows Is Easy

One of the things I love about making bows is how creative you can be! And not just with the design, but with the materials you can use too.

Making bows from scratch doesn’t have to be an expensive project. You can probably make them from craft stock and offcuts you have lying around the house.

You also don’t need a cutting machine! These bows can be cut by hand and I have provided a PDF template for each one.

You can simply print out the PDF on your home printer and cut out the designs with scissors (you will need a craft knife to cut out the Hearts.)

Free Bow Template

Feel free to jump to any section of the tutorial using the Table of Contents Below. Let the Bow Making begin!

You Will Need

Machines: Cricut Maker or a Printer
Materials: Cricut Faux Leather, Card, Fabric or Felt
Tools: Sharp Scissors, Craft Knife, Glue Gun
SVG Files: Download your two Free Bow SVG designs using the links at the bottom of the page

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make the Heart Wrapped Bow with a Cricut Maker (best thing I ever bought for my crafting!) You can use any cutting machine that accepts SVG files for these two designs.

If you are going to be cutting your bows by hand, please use the PDF files included. Simply print these using your printer and then cut them by hand to create your template.

For the Heart Bow, you will need a craft knife to cut out the hearts, as well as sharp scissors for the main template. So don’t worry of you don’t have a cutting machine, you will still be able to make super cute bows!

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hair bow svg for cricut maker

Cutting Your Bow SVG With Cricut

First, decide on your chosen material. For this Wrapped Heart Bow SVG, I am going to use Cricut Faux Leather in blue, white glitter canvas and a red faux leather.

The canvas glitter often gets sold as faux leather, but it is actually canvas, you can tell from the texture of the backing side.

The glitter canvas also has a strong smell, so if you are using glitter coated canvas, it’s a good idea to air it out before you use it.

I also recommend using masking tape to tape the glitter canvas sheet to the mat before cutting, as I find canvas backed, thicker materials often do not stick, and moves on the mat during cutting.

cricut faux leather

Ok! Lets upload the svg file to Cricut Design Space. When you have uploaded your Bow SVG, you have the option of resizing it.

This is useful if you are wanting to make it into a large bow to go on a big gift, or you’re making small bows to decorate a cake for example.

The maximum width of these two bows will be the same as the ribbon style layer which is at the back of the bow, so please factor that in when you are resizing the bow svg to your required measurements.

hair bow svg


Once you have the SVG on the Design Space canvas, you can ungroup it and change the colors, if you are doing each layer in a different color.

Hiding Layers For Cutting

You can also hide the layers you don’t want to cut out of a particular color. You can do this by clicking the eye icon next to each layer.

cricut hair bow svg

When you do this, and send the design to cut, the hidden layer will not cut.

If you are making it in one color only, you can go straight ahead and click the green Make It button in the top right hand corner.

Put your chosen material on the mat and load it into the machine, and after confirming your chosen material, click start on your machine.

Putting Your Bow SVG Together

Now comes the fun part! Assembling your bow. Layer the different pieces of the bow as shown in the below picture. 

For the Heart Bow, the layout is the same as the double bow, but it wraps around the middle layer, with the heart cut out piece on the top.

bow template svg for cricut

Watch Me Make A Bow

Wrap The Top Layers

First we are going to fold the sides of the red middle layer back on itself, so the ends meet in the middle at the back and then we are going glue them to the back of the bow.

free bow template svg

Using your glue gun, glue the front centre of the red bow and then take the white glitter piece with the heart cut outs and position it on top of the red bow and press until they are stuck together firmly.

You have to be quick as the glue cools fast, especially if you are using a cordless glue gun and it is running out of battery! (like mine was during this tutorial 🙂

Carefully fold the sides of the white glitter piece around the sides of the red bow to the back and glue the ends of the heart pice to the center of the back of the red bow. We are halfway there!

hair bow template free

Take your ribbon shaped piece and glue the center section. Now press the wrapped red and white glitter bow onto the ribbon shape. Press firmly so they stick together well.

how to make a hair bow

Finishing Up

The final step is upon us! Take the last, small rectangle piece, and from the front, wrap it around the center so the two ends meet at the back of the bow.

Holding the rectangle strip firmly against the front of the bow, whilst applying glue from the glue gun to the back center section.

how to make a hair bow with this free template

It’s tricky as you can see from the picture below, but you can do it!

Now carefully fold the two ends onto the glue and make sure you have pulled them quite taut. Yay! The bow is complete!

If you are using it for hair, you can glue a hair slide or clip to the back of the bow too.

free hair bow template

Bows are so versatile and can be used for so many things including decorating your hair(of course) and for embellishing wrapped gifts.

You can also make giant bows for holiday decorations and you can make small, cute bows to go on party bags, invitations and for general decoration whenever there is an occassion to celebrate.

If you run into trouble or need help, just drop me a line using the details on my contact page and I’ll get straight back to you.

I hope you enjoy making these cute bows as much as I have. Please do post your creations and tag me. I would love to see and share them!

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free bow svg files


~ FREE Hair Bow Template SVG
~ FREE Heart Bow Template

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