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How To Cut A Buffalo Plaid SVG Design With Cricut Or Silhouette

How To Cut A Buffalo Plaid Design With CricuThis is a quick tutorial on how to cut a Buffalo Plaid SVG design with your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine.

The Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin SVG design I’m using in this tutorial has a solid orange background, with a black plaid overlay (I’ll cover other Buffalo Plaid cut files in another tutorial.)

Buffalo Plaid Is Layered

As I mentioned above, Buffalo Plaid is a layered design, in which the plaid pattern is overlayed on a solid background. So you have two layers as shown below:

How To Cut A Buffalo Plaid Design With Your Cutting Machine

Separate The Layers

First, you may need to separate the layers.

How To Cut A Buffalo Plaid Design With Your Cutting Machine

Cricut Users

Cricut users, you can skip this step and just send the design straight to cut if it is a simple two layer design like the Plaid Pumpkin shown above. Here is an example of a Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin in Cricut Design Space. Notice it is already ungrouped in the layers panel on the right hand side. Just click make and you’re on your way.

How To Cut A Buffalo Plaid SVG In Cricut Design Space

Silhouette Users

Silhouette users, if you are using the SVG file, you will have to ungroup and trace the outline of each layer. This can be done by selecting the design, then right clicking, and then clicking ungroup from the drop down menu.

How To Cut A Buffalo Plaid SVG With Silhouette Studio

If you are using the DXF file in Silhouette Basic Edition, you will need to select the solid pumpkin layers first, group them and then move the solid pumpkin away from the plaid pattern. Then select all of the plaid pattern layers by dragging your cursor around it, then right click on the pattern and select group.

How To Cut A Buffalo Plaid DXF in Silhouette Basic Edition

Cutting The Layers

This is the easy part. The solid layer is a simple shape cut. The patterned top layer can be quite intricate depending on what size you make the design. The Buffalo Plaid layer will need to be weeded, and due to the intricate pattern, be sure to look out for very small pieces of the design on the sides and tips…they are easily missed!

Laying Out The Design

Apply the solid layer to your project first. If you are using heat transfer vinyl (HTV) you will press the solid background layer first. The same applies to any type of material you’re using like a greeting card or a papercraft design. Eg: Glue the solid layer first for papercraft.

How To Cut A Buffalo Plaid SVG With Cricut

Then lay the Buffalo Plaid layer on top of the solid background layer, making sure all the sides and edges are aligned as best you can get them. Then press or glue or whatever else you may need to do to secure the top layer and complete your project.

How To Cut A Buffalo Plaid SVG With Cricut

YAY! You’re done and I have no doubt it looks awesome!

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