How To Make A Chip Bag With Free Templates

There’s nothing more fun than personalizing party food and decor, and one of those favorites is with a fun chip bag template.

Custom chip bags are so much fun. I have three FREE chip bag templates for you: Hello School, Happy Fall and a Happy Easter chip bag template. These are so easy to use, simply download and print on your home printer!

custom chip bag template

In this tutorial, we are going make the Easter chip bag cover. These fun potato chip bag templates fit most 1oz chip and snack bags. So you aren’t limited to chips, you could also use Graham crackers, mini cereal bags, pretzels, mini chocolate eggs and even small toys and gifts.

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Make Your Chip Bag Template

Chip Bag Cover Supplies

This chip bag cover is a printable pdf so you will need the following items:

chip bag template

Print Your Chip Bag Template

Once you’ve downloaded your free chip bag cover, print out the number of bags you need. The pdf is US letter size, so you should be able to print directly, one bag per sheet, without any printer paper size adjustments.

Now take the printed chip bag template, and carefully trim any white edges, so there are none showing on the blue edges. It should look like this:


Folding Your Chip Bag Cover

Place the printed side face down, and then fold the edges in towards each other until they overlap, as shown below:


Your aim is to align, and then layer the two blue edges on top of each other. Using your glue stick, put a good strip of glue on the bottm blue line and then  fold and stick the opposite blue edge on top the bottom one. 

Now turn it over and it should look like this:

Finishing Your Chip Bag Cover

Only a few steps left! Once the back of the chip bag is glued and secured, you’ve turned it over again and made sure the Happy Easter words are centered, press the sides of the chip bag flat.

Next, using your glue stick, glue the inside bottom of the bag using the blue printed stripe on the outside as your guideline. This can tricky because it is essentially gluing the inside of a tube, but perservere!

Once the base of the bag is glued and sticking firmly, put your chosen bag of chips inside the bag and seal the top with the glue stick.

A note: I use a glue stick as opposed to a glue gun, because I find it is easier to open the bag to get to the chips. The glue gun glue is much thicker and stronger, and makes it harder to open the bag, especially for younger kids.

Download Your Free Chip Bag Template

To get instant access to your Free Chip Bag Template PDF download, simply click here to get access to all the free files in my Craft Library. 

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