How To Make Faux Leather Reindeer Earrings With Cricut And Silhouette

Making your own earrings is so much fun and also makes a totally unique gift for friends and family too. They are also an inexpensive option, which you can really lend your own creativity to. In this tutorial we’re going to make Faux Leather Reindeer Earrings using your cutting machine of choice. I will be using Cricut Faux Leather in Silver and Sapphire Blue. I love the Cricut Faux Leather range, it is so easy to use and you get really stunning results! You can also use real leather, just make sure you adjust your cut settings accordingly. Let’s get started!
how to make faux leather earrings with cricut
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What You Will Need

Upload The SVG And Set Your Size

Upload the Reindeer Earrings SVG design into your relevant software and set the Reindeer teardrop to your preferred height. I like big earrings, so I set the Reindeer to a height of 2.5inches and the backing teardrop to 2.65 inches, which gives a lovely crescent of silver color at the bottom of the teardrop.

Cutting The Faux Leather

Next, put the faux leather sheet, in your choice of color for the Reindeer tear drop, onto the cutting mat, then load it  into the machine, choose the Faux Leather setting and proceed with the cut. Repeat this with the plain teardrop backing design.
how to make faux leather earrings with cricut
( A quick side note on cut settings for Cricut Faux Leather – I’ve found on both Cricut and Silhouette that their preset cut settings for Faux Leather give the best results. In Silhouette Studio, the cut setting will be “Faux Leather Paper”) Once the designs are cut, carefully remove them from the cutting mat and weed out the Reindeer and excess faux leather. This should weed very easily, and you can use the Reindeer for other craft projects or more earrings, depending on the earring height you chose.
how to make faux leather earrings with cricut
how to make faux leather earrings with cricut

Putting It All Together

Now for the fun part! It all starts coming together now. Take your Reindeer tear drop and overlay it onto the plain teardrop, making sure the top point of the two teardrops are in perfect alignment. If the faux leather is folding, you can put a small heavy book or something similar across the bottom part of the earrings to keep them in place while you make the hole for the earring hook. Make sure you have a cutting mat or something thick underneath the earrings before you make the hole!

 how to make faux leather christmas earrings with cricut

Making The Holes

Now take your needle, safety pin or screwdriver point, and make the hole. This should be done as close to the top of the earring as possible, so that the earring itself can move freely on the hook. I made the mistake the first time, of making the hole with too much border around it, and this resulted in the earring getting stuck in position on the little hook! Make sure you run it through a few times from both sides.

how to make christmas earrings with cricut

Inserting The Hooks

Now, you will need the small pliers to carefully open the closed hook at the bottom of the earring hook. Once that is open, simply slide your faux leather earrings onto the hook and then close it up with the pliers.
how to make faux leather earrings with cricut
Voila! You have just created a beautiful and unique Festive pair of earrings!

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